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How to order the UAR Heat Shield

Last year we introduced our barrel length heat shield for the AR-15. It is a [...]

The Immortal Emotep

Have you had that one animal in your life you will never forget? We came [...]

The Desert Rose

  Guns and Tactics has done it again. Here is a great article featuring one [...]

Made Right Here in ‘murica

Do you look for any of these labels on the products you purchase? Are they [...]

Looking for a Sling Attachment?

We have added a new product to our growing list of offerings.   This is [...]

Private Label Molon Labe

You have heard, “Molon Labe.” It can be loosely translated “Come and Take It.” We [...]

Hand Guard Review

Taurus Armed Review Here is a nice little review by Don. If you run across [...]

Custom Design, Custom Paint

Here is another awesome hand guard. This one the happy customer designed and painted themselves! [...]

Time to Bring the Heat

Summer is drawing near with its long, hot days and short nights. Are you ready [...]

Tactical Black

Although we love the creativity and colors from custom work, you can never go wrong [...]