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Hurricane in Action, Stock Hand Guard

    The Hurricane! Stock Hand Guard   The Hurricane hand guard comes in standard [...]

Custom Hand Guard: Death Comes Visiting

    RIP Death at the CemeteryAre you looking to customize your AR-15? Do you [...]


Have you seen the video of the guys cooking bacon on their AR? Well they [...]

Dragon Slayer Custom Hand Guard

  Here is another awesome custom design request which we produced. We can make your [...]

Why did you choose an UAR Hand Guard?

 The Article Thank you Trampas Swansan at 1800GunsandAmmo.com for the awesome write up. We appreciate [...]

Nice grouping

Will UAR hand guards make you a better shot? We are still doing the scientific [...]


Another happy customer with a custom design. AR Pistol private build with a UAR custom [...]


  “Hi Jennifer, Did it meet my expectations? Well, to be honest, no it did [...]

Custom Design Ukraine

A photo submitted by a happy customer with a custom design.

Sneak Peek of the Filigree

Here is a sneak peek of the Filigree hand guard. Available soon. Comes stock in [...]