We have tried to answer the most common questions below. If after reading this section you still have questions please shoot us an email or contact us through our contact form.

Answers to Common Questions

How do I install my handguard?

What are the dimensions of the Handguard?

Exterior diameter is 2 inches. The interior diameter is 1.75 inches. Length depends on what you order. 7″, 9″, 12″,15″ are standard but we can do custom lengths as well.

Do your handguards include a barrel nut?

Yes, all our handguards include a proprietary barrel nut mounting system. It is a two part system that allows the handguard to be timed.


What colors are available?

Our stock handguards ship in Armor Black or Anodized Black (depending on availability, or Raw on request. We also offer all H-Series colors available through Cerakote for $35 each. Click on the images to view color samples or click on the following link: Cerakote

Unique-ARs guarantees that you will receive the highest quality Cerakote painted handguard. Below is about the time periods that you can expect until your items ship:

Armor Black or Raw: ships in 3 business days

Single color: ships in 5 business days

Two or more colors: ships in 2-4 weeks

For Custom and Private Label Anodizing please allow an additional 4-8 weeks after time of approval.

Raw or single color Cerakote Armor Black is included in the cost of the handguard(s). Anodized Black may affect production time and cost. There is a charge for Armor Black when in conjunction with any other color.

Each Cerakote color requires its own process, therefore we must charge for each color, including Armor Black when in conjunction with any other color.

What are the handguards made of?

Our handguards are constructed using 6061 t6 aluminum.

Do your handguards work on AirSoft guns?

YES, if your AirSoft gun has a standard mill spec threaded upper, Which lots do. The standard is 1.250″ x 18 tpi and we also offer metric M31.8 x P1.5. If you have any questions please shoot us an email.

Can I attach tac rail to your handguards?

Yes, our handguards are drilled and tapped the full length on the top and bottom for our picatinny rails. Some designs are drilled and tapped at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions like the One Shot. For custom designs we can place tac rail holes anywhere you would like.

Heat Shield vs. Short Shield

Heat Shields cover the entire barrel. The Heat Shield is made to slide under the handguard and over the 556 castle nut bolt, and be tightened down to barrel with the included end cap that will replace your muzzle break. End cap has a thread pitch of 1/2″ x 28. Check out the Heat Shield product description for information on compatible barrel lengths, gas tube pocket lengths and the installation video. **Coming soon! By popular demand we will offer an end cap that makes the Heat Shield compatible with the 300 Blackout Barrel.**

Short Shields only extend to the end of the handguard. The Short Shield is made to slide under the handguard and over the 556 castle nut bolt, and is attached using either a flat or spiked sprocket end cap. Sprocket end cap is attached with two screws inserted in the foremost tac rail holes at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. Will not work with handguards that have an upgraded front end cut. I.D. of end cap is 0.800″. Check out the Short Shield product description for more information, gas tube lengths and the installation video.**Short shield only works with 556 barrel nut and 0.75″ gas blocks.**

Handguard length, length of gas tube, and color specification required for either Heat Shield or Short Shield.