We have tried to answer the most common questions below. If after reading this section you still have questions please shoot us an email or contact us through our contact form.

The simple answer, it depends on what you ordered.

Stock Items

Stock items typically ship within 3-5 business days if they are stock black or raw (sandblasted).

Cerakoted Items

Even if your order includes a stock item, Cerakote can add between 7-10 business days to the production time of an order. Our team needs the extra time to prep, paint, bake and finish Cerakoted parts.

Custom Handguards

Custom handguards take between 4-6 weeks after the approval date.

Custom Rifles/Builds

Custom builds take between 4-6 weeks for production after the approval date. (Please contact your rep/designer for an accurate ETA)

Rifles, Pistols and Complete Uppers

Builds are currently taking between 4-6 weeks for production, but please reach out for an accurate ETA. We are striving to complete “stock” builds as quickly as possible.


Items like picatinny rails, gas blocks/tubes, grips and wrenches typically ship within 3-5 business days.

Shields take between 7-10 business days.


Original Series Handguards are always drilled and tapped at 6:00 and 12:00 for our proprietary picatinny rail sections, and some designs are drilled and tapped at 3:00 and 9:00.

Slim Series Handguards feature a full-length integrated top rail and full-length M-LOK slots at 6:00.

All of our handguards are available in stock black or a raw finish, and both of these options are included in the price.

We offer all H-Series colors available through Cerakote for $35 each. For a complete list of colors, please look through Cerakote H-Series Colors.

Here is a breakdown of production times for Cerakoted parts:

Stock Black or Raw: 3-5 business days

Single Color: 5-7 business days

Two or More Colors: 2-4 weeks

For Custom and Private Label Anodizing please allow an additional 4-8 weeks after time of approval.

Anodized Black may affect production time and cost.

Each Cerakote color requires its own process, therefore we must charge for each color, including Armor Black when in conjunction with any other color.

Slim Series Mounting Instructions and Tips

Click here to watch the video.

Before mounting handguard ensure your receiver is mil-spec. If not, confirm fit of parts before beginning mounting instructions.

1 ) Remove the gas tube, old barrel nut and barrel. Thoroughly clean the upper receiver extension threads. Apply a very thin coating of mil spec grease to the clean receiver threads. (note: ​apply only a thin amount of grease and small drop of blue loctite if desired​)

2 ) Insert the barrel into the upper receiver. Slide the UARs Slim Series barrel nut over the barrel. Thread onto the upper receiver threads and torque the barrel nut to 35 ft. lbs. Check gas tube alignment. If the gas tube channel does not align for the gas tube, then continue tightening the barrel nut until the next gas tube channel is aligned for the gas tube. Do not exceed a torque of 75 ft.lbs.

3 ) Once you have installed the gas tube and block, slide the handguard over the barrel and align the top rail with the receiver rail. Slide the handguard onto the barrel nut pushing firmly toward the receiver until it stops against the face of the receiver.

4 ) Alternately tighten the two 3/16 hex mounting bolts (with wrench provided) at the base of the handguard until a slightly snug fit is achieved. Confirm alignment of top rail with upper receiver, if needed remove handguard and adjust barrel nut for proper alignment. Once the handguard is properly aligned to the receiver and the bottom mounting hex bolts are slightly snugged, alternately tighten the four small 3/32 set screws (with second wrench provided) at the top and bottom of the handguard until snug. DO NOT over tighten. These set screws maintain alignment of the handguard while the bottom bolts are tightened, these set screws can also be used for minor adjustments to the alignment of the handguard in relation to the barrel. You will need to loosen the two mounting bolts slightly before making any further set screw adjustments, then re-tighten. DO NOT over tighten. Stripped screws are not covered by the warranty.

Original Series Mounting Instructions

Click here to watch the video.

Before mounting handguard insure your receiver is mil-spec. If not, confirm fit of parts before beginning mounting instructions. Some non mil-spec receivers require barrel nut to be backed away from the upper receiver to allow clearance of over sized front lugs.

1) Once you have the old free float-tube and/or barrel nut removed, clean any grease or oil from the threads of the upper receiver extension.

2) This step is optional to allow easier installment of handguard. LocTite is not required for installation of handguard. Apply a drop or two of blue LocTite® to the receiver threads and screw on the large aluminum barrel-nut until it stops, then back it off until the gas tube holes line up.

3) Insert the barrel and slide the steel castle bolt over the barrel and thread it into the aluminum barrel-nut; now, use a .184” or 3/16” bit or punch to keep the gas tube holes aligned.

4) With the punch inserted in the gas tube holes turn the steel castle bolt by hand until you get a good, solid hand-tight alignment with the barrel-nut and receiver. Once you have the two aligned, let it set for a 2-24 hours. After the blue LocTite® has cured between the barrel-nut and receiver, the steel insert and barrel can be removed.

5) For final assembly, insert the barrel and thread the steel castle bolt into the barrel-nut until it is finger tight. Optional: (Then back it off three or four turns and place a drop of blue LocTite® on the threads of the steel insert where it is visible out of the barrel-nut).

6) Now torque the steel insert down to desired torque (according to your rifle manufacturer’s specifications). This can all be accomplished with or without the use of the punch but the barrel-nut can shift while you are torquing the steel castle nut, and it may need to be re-timed. We recommend using the punch to insure proper timing.

7) Once you have installed the gas tube, slide the handguard onto the barrel nut and align the 6 radial holes with the corresponding holes in the barrel-nut. Now the 6 countersunk screws can be installed. Tighten just until snug. DO NOT over tighten. Stripped screws are not covered by the warranty.

Heat Shields

  • Encase the barrel
  • Only compatible with Original Series AR-15 handguards
  • Thread onto the muzzle threads (therefor, not compatible with muzzle devices)
  • Install by sliding onto the castle nut and held on using an end cap on the muzzle threads
  • End caps available in 1/2″ x 28TPI and 5/8″ x 24TPI
  • Measurements needed to order:
    • Barrel Length
    • Gas Tube Length
    • Handguard Length (needed for Cerakote reference)

Short Shields

  • Only extend to the end of the handguard
  • Only compatible with Original Series AR-15 handguards (excluding breached designs like Freedom, Baconator, One Shot, etc.)
  • Install by sliding onto castle bolt and held on using sprocket end cap and set screws
  • Sprocket end caps available in Spiked and Flat styles
  • Short shield only works with 556 barrel nut and 0.75″ gas blocks
  • Measurements needed to order:
    • Handguard Length
    • Gas Tube Length

Handguard length, length of gas tube, and color specification required for Heat Shield and Short Shields.

Original Series Handguards

Yes, all of our Original Series Handguards are drilled and tapped at the 6:00 and 12:00 positions to fit our proprietary picatinny rail sections. Some designs are even drilled and tapped at 3:00 and 9:00 also.

Slim Series Handguards

No, our Slim Series Handguards are not compatible with picatinny rail, but they do feature a full-length top rail and include M-LOK slots along the bottom.

Our handguards are milled from 6061 T6 Aluminum.

Yes, if your Airsoft gun has a standard mil spec threaded upper, then you can use either our AR-15 barrel nut or inquire about our airsoft barrel nut. Mil spec is 1.250″ x 18 TPI, and we also offer metric airsoft barrel nuts M31.8 x P1.5.

Original Series Handguards

Inside Diameter 1.750″ (+/- .005″)

Outside Diameter2.000″ (+/- .005″)

Stock Lengths of 7″, 9″, 12″,15″

Custom Lengths available through our Custom Design Program.

Slim Series Handguards

Inside Diameter 1.55″ (+/- .005″)

Outside Diameter 1.80″ (+/- .005″)

Under the top rail there is an additional 0.28″ x 0.5″ for the gas system.

Stock Lengths of 7.25″, 9″, 12″, and 15″. Custom lengths are not available in the slim series.

Yes, all of our handguards include a proprietary barrel nut mounting system.

Additional barrel nut types are available with our Original Series Handguards at an upgraded cost, including AR-10 (DPMS Gen 1) and Ruger Precision Rifle barrel nuts, as well as Dolos-compatible handguard version.

We can use our current extrusion shapes/styles and mill designs based off of those specs. We cannot create custom extrusions (shapes).