Last year we introduced our barrel length heat shield for the AR-15. It is a stock item offered for sale here: Heat Shield


This tutorial is designed to make ordering the heat shield easier and to answer the most common questions we receive.

The heat shield is a sleeve which inserts between the barrel and handguard. It runs the full length of the barrel and mounts to the end of the barrel with a threaded end cap. The end cap will replace the muzzle device.

The barrel length heat shield comes in standard sizes for common barrel lengths. It comes in the pistol, carbine, midlength and rifle length. Not all barrel manufactures make barrels in exactly the same lengths. You will need to measure the barrel length to the closest 1/16 of an inch (see image).


Measure the barrel from the flat face of the upper receiver to the end of the barrel. The more accurate this measurement is the tighter the heat shield will fit.

We also need to know which gas tube set up you have on the barrel. The gas tube may not match the barrel length name. A midlength barrel can have a carbine length gas tube, etc. If you do not know which gas tube you have measure it the same way you measured the barrel length.


When ordering from our website, choose the closest size for the barrel and the gas tube and then when you go to check out, you can add a note with the exact measurements. The note section is below the shipping address when you check out.



Q. Can we order custom lengths on the heat shield?

A. Yes, please give us an exact measurement as explained above.

Q. Can we order custom paint on the heat shield?

A. Yes. They come stock in black, but you can order a custom color for the whole length, or just the length under the handguard. You can select those options on the order form.

Q. Is the heat shield necessary?

A. No, it is not necessary. Our handguards do an excellent job of dissipating heat and protecting your hands. If you are running hot and using a handguard such as our 2016 Hex, which has many opening, you may feel some warmth coming off the barrel. The heat shield can give you added protection, but it is not necessary.

Q. Are you going to offer a heat shield which is just the length of the handguard?

A. Yes. We have finished prototyping and testing the handguard length heat shield. We are working to bring it to market soon. We will release images and an availability date soon.