Do you look for any of these labels on the products you purchase? Are they important to you? What do they really mean?

“Made in America,” does that mean the pieces and parts where shipped over from China and assembled in a U.S. factory? Or perhaps it means made in the Americas, North or South America. Is there a guarantee with that label that the pieces and parts were manufactured and assembled here in the U.S. of A.?


What about “Made in the U.S.A.”? Does that label imply that the pieces and parts were manufactured here in the U.S. and assembled in the U.S.


Here at Unique-ARs we take our brand serious. We are an American company founded by some good old American boys who value the American way of life. liberty and freedom. And in keeping with those values we manufacture and assemble our products right here on U.S. soil using U.S. companies to provide us with the raw material we need in the manufacturing process. We keep it all in country on U.S. soil. And we are proud of that fact because we know it keeps the money here in the U.S. and it keeps U.S. workers employed.


So remember when you buy from Unique-ARs, not only do you support a good American Family but we also pass the buck along to other U.S. companies employing other U.S. workers, so in part you support other U.S. companies.


Take a gander at some of our products and purchase them proudly.

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