You have heard, “Molon Labe.” It can be loosely translated “Come and Take It.” We could add to the phrase to fill it out and give it more depth. “You have come all this way, now try and take it!” Or maybe “Now that you are here, I dare you to take it.” Perhaps we could keep the same sentiment and switch it around a little, “Oh you are here now, let me give it to you, bullets first.” Well, that might be a bit of a stretch. But the meaning is clear, “We stand our ground, we don’t give an inch and the only way you will get it is from our dead, cold hands. So your trip is in vane, turn around and go home.” Come and take it, Molon Labe.


We have a stock hand guard with this saying on it. But Eddie Bobo is offering an alternative as a Private Label. Check it out below. It is clean, simple and to the point, just like Molon Labe. So go ahead go and take it and make your AR all that much cooler. The free float handguard may increase your accuracy and the proprietary barrel nut system makes mounting simple. Contact Eddie Bobo directly if you would like his version of the Molon Labe.