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Future Firearms

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking my nine-year-old son to a [...]

Bet you can’t just build one…

Bet you can’t just build one… We at Unique-ARs are proud of our products. We [...]

Unchained Warthog Rifle

This bronze beast has made its way back from SHOT show 2017 and now it’s [...]

Don’t Judge an AR by its color!

The AR Rifle has often been called the Black Rifle with good reason. Since its inception [...]

Canada, O Canada

Canada, our cousins to the north, are you looking for Unique-ARs handguards? We are proud [...]

Private Label Molon Labe

You have heard, “Molon Labe.” It can be loosely translated “Come and Take It.” We [...]

Custom Handguard for a Custom Build

When you set out to create your own AR and want to build it from [...]

Hand Guard Review

Taurus Armed Review Here is a nice little review by Don. If you run across [...]

Ammo Mafia loves Unique-ARs Handguards!

You don’t want to mess around with the Mafia, especially when they are all about [...]

What do you reflect?

Wings & Skull Stock Hand Guard What do you reflect? When you look in the [...]