The AR Rifle has often been called the Black Rifle with good reason. Since its inception by Eugene Stoner and the crew at Armalite, the AR and its many versions have always had a particular look. It is an American Icon and very distinctive. Even with the modifications necessary to make one California compliant an AR still (mostly) looks like an AR.

California Compliant AR Rifles

But that does not mean they cannot be unique and personalized. The Black Rifle, does not have to be just black!


There are many reasons for owning an AR rifle. Some people use them for work such as police, security contractors, professional hunters, and professional sports shooters. Some people use them for play. Some people use them as a status symbol. Some people use them as a symbol of rebellion. Some people just collect them for fun, or as an investment. Owning an AR rifle is a rite of passage in some parts of the country. For all the varied reasons to own an AR, there are accessories to make your AR function at it peak. If you use an AR for hunting, then a scope and sights may be a priority. If you use it for plinking at the range with friends, then a barrel or BCG may be top on your list for upgrades. If you collect ARs, then you may want one for every day of the week and every special occasion. There is no logical reason why ever AR on the planet has to look identical.


Customization is also an American Rite of passage, from cars to houses we customize them to reflect who we are.

Personalizing your AR to perform exactly the way you want and need it to perform only makes sense. Function is important, but so is form. It works well, shouldn’t it also look good? Unique-ARs can make your AR look better than good. If you like the traditional AR look, kudos to you. But if you want to customize it to fit your personality, then why not! Customizing your AR is the American thing to do.