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Katie Lynn’s first Shot Show

2017 was my introduction to Shot Show, the biggest Firearms convention nationwide. To give an [...]

Happy Customers

After we manufacture our handguards, we usually don’t get to see how they look on [...]

Katie Lynn interviewed by The Late Boy Scout

With the end of SHOTshow 2017 comes the reviews and videos of the products seen [...]

Shot Show 2017 with Katie Lynn

Our friends at Biggunner 81 stopped by our booth to conduct a quick interview with [...]

NRA Meeting, May 20-22. Louisville, KY

  We will be at the NRA Annual Meeting, May 20-22 in Louisville, Kentucky. We [...]

How to order the UAR Heat Shield

Last year we introduced our barrel length heat shield for the AR-15. It is a [...]

Made Right Here in ‘murica

Do you look for any of these labels on the products you purchase? Are they [...]

Private Label Molon Labe

You have heard, “Molon Labe.” It can be loosely translated “Come and Take It.” We [...]

Custom Handguard for a Custom Build

When you set out to create your own AR and want to build it from [...]


Here is a custom hand guard with a scorpion motif. The high shine comes from [...]