You probably haven’t heard this but we are getting very big in space!

Unique-ARs has designed a limited edition custom designed Space Force Handguard. We chose 10 applicators to compete in our Space Force Coating Contest for the top painted rail. The winner will be considered for the new sixth branch of the armed forces for defending America off planet earth and for world exploration in new horizons to tame the new frontier. There are only a few of these special forends cut out of 6061 T6 Aluminum for the AR platform.

Unique-ARs would like to invite you and for you to share with your friends and fellow Americans and VOTE for your favorite handguard that has been coated in Cerakote or KG gun coat by KGindustries. Folks may place a vote for their favorite rail every 24 hours for the next 7 days. Participants that place votes will be entered to win their choice of a Unique-ARs Stock handguard. The winning applicator will also win a handguard of their choice.

These rails are available for purchase on Unique-ARs auction so if you see one you like to bid and win your very limited edition Space Force forend! These hand guards could be the model for when the United States will be shipped off planet earth and when American dominate space!

The top applicator that wins the most votes not only win but a portion of the auction proceeds will be donated to the charity of choice listed below.

The following are our chosen competitors.

  1. Tucker Doyon – Blackout Custom Cerakote is in Orlando, FL, and has been in business for 3 years. Tucker is Handguard #1 on this roster.  Follow them on Instagram  @blackout_custom_cerakote
  2. Travis Ingram – from Arizona Liquid Images is in – you guessed it – ARIZONA (Waddell, to be exact)! Travis has been an applicator for about 5 years. Travis is Handguard #2 Follow him on Instagram @arizonaliquidimages
  3. Dave Rice – Coastal Cerakote is located in Bluffton, South Carolina. Dave is Handguard #3 on our roster Follow him on Instagram @coastalcerakote
  4.  Boyd Lemons -Hillbilly223 Cerakote is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Boyd has been coating since 2009 Boyd is Handguard #4 on our roster. Follow them on Instagram @hillbilly223_cerakote_
  5. Chris Mihalic – Pittsburgh Cerakote is located in Clinton, PA. Chris has been coating for the last 5 years. Chris is Handguard #5 on our roster. Follow him on Instagram @pittsburghcerakotecompany
  6. Randy Brotherton – Spartan Customs is located in Aquilla, TX. Randy has been an applicator for the last 4 years. Randy is Handguard #6 in the upcoming contest. Follow him on Instagram @spartancustoms254
  7. Frank Porrovecchio – Shootist Tactical is also located in TX, in Deer Park. Frank has about 10 years experience as an applicator, and he is #7 in the upcoming contest. Follow him on Instagram @shootisttactical.official
  8. Tara & Able Roman – Roman Arms Gun Company IS ALSO IN TEXAS – located in San Antonio. This husband/wife duo has been coating together for the last 2 years. They are Handguard #8 in the upcoming. Follow them on Instagram: @roman_arms
  9. Dan Gaspard – Twin State Cerakote is in Claremont, NH. Dan is Handguard #9 on our roster in the upcoming contest. Follow him on Instagram @twinstatecerakote
  10. Clint Gridley – The only applicator to rep the PNW, Off the Grid Cerakote is in Central Point, OR. Clint has been an applicator for 2 years. Clint is #10, the final competitor. Follow him on Instagram @offthegridcerakote

VOTE for your favorite and Bid to have your very own Unique-ARs Space Force Handguard