Unique-ARs Coating Contest 2018

Well, we are doing it again! Unique-ARs is putting on another coating contest and we have a solid line up of applicators. We had over 60 individuals nominated from our social media fans giving these great artists the opportunity to participate in this round of gun coating competition.

The last coating contest Unique-ARs hosted was a contest that had the contestants use strictly Cerakote. We called it Unique-ARs “Cerakote Off ” for 2017 and boy was it a hoot!

This year we are changing or you could say adding to the medium. KG Gunkote is one of the top 2 gun coats applicators prefer these days. When applied the paint goes on thinner and shows more resilience than Cerakote. But some of the best use both! Find out our artist preference next week when we reveal the new design!

For this contest, we have chosen 10 applicators to try their hand at coating a fresh design that we have created.

After receiving the handguards, applicators will have 2 weeks to complete the piece. Once we get the handguards back, we will photograph and post them to our social pages for the public to VOTE on. The handguard (applicator)  with the most votes will win a Unique-ARs stock forend for a black rifle and a portion of the proceeds from the contest will go to the charity of the winning applicator’s choice. Additionally, anyone that votes in this contest will be entered for a chance to win a stock handguard of their choice. These contestant handguards will be featured on our Auction for the public to bid on.

Unique-ARs has cut these special edition handguards that are numbered 1-10. In numeric order of the handguards, these are the chosen competitors.

  1. Tucker Doyon – Blackout Custom Cerakote is in Orlando, FL, and has been in business for 3 years. Tucker is Handguard #1 on this roster.  Follow them on Instagram @blackout_custom_cerakote
Tucker Doyon
Blackout Custom Cerakote

2.  Travis Ingram – from Arizona Liquid Images is in – you guessed it – ARIZONA (Waddell, to be exact)! Travis has been an applicator for about 5 years. Travis is Handguard #2 Follow him on Instagram @arizonaliquidimages

AZ Liquid Images
Travis Ingram

3.  Dave Rice – Coastal Cerakote is located in Bluffton, South Carolina. Dave is Handguard #3 on our roster Follow him on Instagram @coastalcerakote

Dave Rice
Coastal Cerakote LLC

4.  Boyd Lemons -Hillbilly223 Cerakote is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Boyd has been coating since 2009 Boyd is Handguard #4 on our roster. Follow them on Instagram @hillbilly223_cerakote_

Boyd lemons
Hillbilly223 Cerakote

5. Chris Mihalic – Pittsburgh Cerakote is located in Clinton, PA. Chris has been coating for the last 5 years. Chris is Handguard #5 on our roster. Follow him on Instagram @pittsburghcerakotecompany

Chris Mihalic
Pittsburgh Cerakote

6.  Randy Brotherton – Spartan Customs is located in Aquilla, TX. Randy has been an applicator for the last 4 years. Randy is Handguard #6 in the upcoming contest. Follow him on Instagram @spartancustoms254

Randy Brotherton
Spartan Custom Coatings

7. Frank Porrovecchio – Shootist Tactical is also located in TX, in Deer Park. Frank has about 10 years experience as an applicator, and he is #7 in the upcoming contest. Follow him on Instagram @shootisttactical.official !

Frank Porrovecchio
Shootist Tactical

8.  Tara & Able Roman – Roman Arms Gun Company IS ALSO IN TEXAS – located in San Antonio. This husband/wife duo has been coating together for the last 2 years. They are Handguard #8 in the upcoming. Follow them on Instagram: @roman_arms

Roman Arms Gun Company

9. Dan Gaspard – Twin State Cerakote is in Claremont, NH. Dan is Handguard #9 on our roster in the upcoming contest. Follow him on Instagram @twinstatecerakote

Dan Gaspard
Twin State Cerakote

10.  Clint Gridley – The only applicator to rep the PNW, Off the Grid Cerakote is in Central Point, OR. Clint has been an applicator for 2 years. Clint is #10, the final competitor. Follow him on Instagram @offthegridcerakote

Clint Gridley
Off the Grid Cerakote
Be sure to follow and VOTE for your favorite competitor. The Handguards will be revealed when the voting starts October 15, 2018.

If you know someone that should be nominated for our next coating contest please send an email to marketing@unique-ars.com or give us a shout on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. In addition, we LOVE to host guest applicators! As a guest applicator, you can coat any of our stock handguards for Unique-ARs Auction! Guest Applicators are featured on our weekly newsletter (7,000+ subscribers), our website and social pages. If you’re interested in becoming a guest applicator please send an email to marketing@unique-ars.com 

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