Unique-ARs is proud to donate funds from our Space Force Auction to the chosen charity Semper Fi Funds.

Semper Fi Fund provides immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. We deliver the resources they need during recovery and transition back to their communities, working to ensure no one is left behind.

Unique-ARs started a new tradition last year in 2017. Called the “Cerakote Off” there were 10 contestants chosen to compete with Cerakote gun coating and a very challenging  “Koi Fish” design.

Unique-ARs loves to get as many folks involved as possible in a positive way! One of their favorite ways is to promote small dogs with big guns. UAR is proud of the creation that is American Made through and through, specializing in custom foregrips that are CNC milled out with 6061 T6 aluminum tubes. The handguards evolve into a one of a kind custom heatshields for your hand. Unique can put almost any picture, logo, and font on the forends they manufacture hints the Space Force creation.

The Space Force Coating Contest was held as a friendly competition showing some extream gun coating skills for all to see with the custom AR15 creations. The winner was crowned to choose a charity of choice to donate the auction proceeds and Travis Ingram of AZ Liquid Images was the special contestant.

Unique-ARs is pleased to give to our Vets trough Seper Fi Funds and any donations truly make a world of difference to those men and women and their families who have been injured or diagnosed as critically ill while in service to their country. We are happy to support such a great program that offers so much to our heroes. Heroes that serve and risk their lives and knowing they will be forever changed from such an experience of serving for their country.

If you would like to give to Semper Fi Funds there are a number of ways. Check these out for your self if this piques your interest. Get involved!