We ran across this little piece of anti-silencer propaganda, and wow… This is amazing!  Can you say oxymoron? For starters, the website is called “smartgunlaws.org”.  While they might have some ideas that do actually make sense, and we are all for reducing gun violence, this “Fact Sheet” is a contradiction on the word “smart”.  We at Unique-ARs always have safety at the top of any list we create, and commend rules and regulations that make sense and keep us all safe.  This however, is just well…the opposite of smart.

In the Silencer Fact Sheet that they released, they report that “Silencers enable criminals to elude law enforcement and raise the risk of ambush attacks targeting cops, in which a shooter may escape before the police are even called. ” in red bold letters.  Then in the very next paragraph, they say “Public health experts warn that hearing loss can occur at 85 decibels. Firearms produce explosive sounds in excess of 140 decibels with the most effective silencers suppressing the sound of gunfire by up to only 28 decibels” also in bold letters.

Hmmm… Ok, so they are saying that silencers “enable criminals to elude law enforcement” because they are quiet and “harder to recognize the sound of gunfire”  but that even the most effective silencers hardly reduce the number of decibels.  So, if silencers barely reduce the amount of noise, at the maximum of 28 decibels, then how is this making gunfire harder to recognize?

Additionally, going off of their chart, which they show; 112-142db of a suppressed gun.  These sound level according to OSHA, are equivalent to the noise of a loud night club with music all the way to and above the sound of a jet taking off 200 feet away from you. So, how do silencers “enable criminals to elude law enforcement”?