Unique-ARs does not shy away from artistic expression or creativity, just look at our gallery page!  When we were out scouring the internet for gun related creative ideas we ran across this page: Gun Art. We may not agree with all of the sentiment of the various artist and why they used firearms in their pieces, but there are some pretty cool pieces.  Like the first set of images of the Gun Sculpture. That would make a pretty cool gun vault, yes? Certainly you could hide in plain sight plenty of operational firearms all over that sculpture. Perhaps having a gun vault filled with some of those weapons would be more interesting then having them mounted on the outside.

As we scrolled down further we came across the “Throne of Weapons” a sculpture created from the rifles and weapons used in a Mozambique’s civil war, which lasted from 1976 to 1992. It calls up images of the Game of Thrones Iron Throne made out of swords of vanquished enemies.

Maybe the Oval office needs a chair for the Commander in Chief to sit upon while waging war. It can be made out of the firearms and weapons from conquered enemies. It might look like this conceptual drawing below. Every new Commander and Chief could add a new layer.


Looking at the sculptures of the Cathedral, Synagogue and Mosque struck a cord at how often religion and war have gone hand in hand throughout the course of human history. Religions have been waging war longer than gun powder has been around, and things are not looking to change anytime soon. There just seems to be some constants in life: human strife and war, the need to protect oneself, and art. Of course, that might be too negative of an outlook. Maybe instead humanity can look to beating swords into plowshare, or shovels. But let’s start with someone else’s swords.