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Unique-ARs and Offhand Gear Strategic Partnership

Offhand Gear and Unique-ARs Forge Strategic Partnership, Ensuring Continued Involvement of Sandi Keller in Offhand [...]

WTF is an OTF? (BTW, You Need an Automatic Knife)

Automatic OTF knives are all the rage right now. They have cool technology and they [...]

Regarding Prairie Wolves and Predator Hunting

  Hunting predators is a curiously different discussion from hunting other game animals. No one [...]

California Dreamin’: Questions Answered for AR-15s in California

    If you’re a resident of the Golden State and you want to own [...]

Simple Guide to Buying a Suppressor

Have you ever considered buying a suppressor, and decided against it because you were unsure [...]

All About Slim Series Handguards

Unique-ARs now has a new line of handguards: the Slim Series. As the name suggests, [...]

Space Force Funds To Benefit Semper Fi Fund

Unique-ARs is proud to donate funds from our Space Force Auction to the chosen charity [...]

Space Force Coating Contest

You probably haven’t heard this but we are getting very big in space! Unique-ARs has [...]

Chronic Wasting Disease & What It Means for Hunters

  Chronic Wasting Disease & What It Means for Hunters   CWD, or chronic wasting [...]

Big Bore Air Rifle in .357

Airguns. They have a vastly different connotation here in the States than in the UK [...]