OffHand Gear

chiara19-catagory-banner-1500x360-1-.pngWe are happy to announce our new partnership with Offhand Gear!

Offhand Gear, a prominent provider of shooting accessories focused on women, has announced a strategic partnership with Unique-ARs, a renowned manufacturer of AR-15s. The collaboration aims to revolutionize the shooting industry by combining their expertise and resources to offer female-focused firearms and an exceptional customer experience. At Unique-ARs, we have always been able to build custom firearms but it has been admittedly more popular for our male customer base than our female customers. With so many women getting into firearms and want to protect themselves, or build Unique-Rifle, we found a perfect partner to help us equally represent all men and women who want to own their own Unique firearms.

The partnership between Offhand Gear and Unique-ARs will leverage their shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction to create cutting-edge solutions for shooting enthusiasts. They plan to develop new products that emphasize design, functionality, and craftsmanship. We look forward to the amazing designs, machining excellence, and creativity that is guarantied to be amazing. An example of the amazing designs is below:

The CEO role will transition to Lisa Nethaway. As she takes on these new responsibilities, Sandi Keller (the founder of Offhand Gear) will remain actively involved in the company. This mix of creative minds will be a sure-fire way to success! Sandi Keller expressed excitement about the partnership and the opportunity to expand their reach and offer innovative products. She reassured customers that Offhand Gear will maintain its exceptional quality and personalized touch. Its definitely multiple steps above just putting pink paint on a gun and calling it a girly name. This is customizable to your personality, creatively conceived, and high quality, on top of colorful.

Jim Corbet, CEO of Unique-ARs, emphasized the value of Sandi Keller’s expertise and passion in the partnership. They aim to bring innovative products to the market and provide an unmatched experience for their customers.

The partnership will result in an expanded product line that showcases the collective expertise of Offhand Gear and Unique-ARs. With Sandi Keller’s continued involvement, Offhand Gear will uphold its high standards of quality, personalized service, and attention to detail. It is undeniably one of the most exciting partnerships for AR-15 owners, builders, and dealers ever!

To learn more about Offhand Gear and explore their range of shooting accessories, visit their website at www.offhandgear.com

For information about Unique-ARs and their custom AR-15 products, visit www.unique-ars.com