Youth Kids Summer Biathlon Camp

Sponsored by Unique-ARs and McCall Winter Sports Club


We at Unique-ARs love to get involve and support great programs for children and especially educational programs.  We recently attended our local chapter, Idaho Heartland Friends of the NRA dinner. The dinner is a fundraiser that donates all the proceeds from an auction through out the evening.  The programs that the Idaho Heartland support around in the state of Idaho are shooting ranges, scholarships, and camps just like this summer biathlon camp.

Biathlon combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The skiing part of biathlon requires excellent endurance skills, while the shooting component demands accuracy and controlled precision.

Along with the McCall Winter Sports Club and Jug Mountain Ranch, we organized and volunteered for this youth summer biathlon camp held at the beautiful Jug Mountain Ranch.  A fantastic environment for this great opportunity.  Granted there was no snow to skate on, the roller skies were a hit in the training filled with giggles.  The three-day camp was a great success and gives us plenty of excitement for planning several more in the future.