Unique-ARs Sales team shoots the NW Rim Fire Challenge

We at Unique-ARs love to get all employees to participate in team building activities and this was the perfect event. Unique-ARs was a platinum sponsor for the challenge. We participate with a different team each year and our Sales team was the winners to represent Unique-ARs to shoot in the challenge. They had a great time meeting all the families and pro shooters involved.
Chris Teshera, one of Unique-ARs proud Sales representative was just ecstatic after the weekend and here is what he had to say.
 “Last weekend I was involved in The NW Rim Fire Challenge at the Parma Rod and Gun Club. Although I am an avid recreational shooter (I like to think I shoot well…) my eyes were opened at this event. I have never participated in an actual competition in my life, needless to say, my eyes were opened! That being said my passion for firearms and the industry itself have risen to a whole new level. This was a wonderful experience! One that I would like to delve deeper into. As a participant, being sponsored by Unique-ARs, my expectations were high, to shoot well and represent our company to best of my abilities. Boy was I humbled! But in a good way. Not only were the pro’s that I competed with patient and understanding, but they were very helpful with tips and pointers. My very first stage I was visibly nervous! I was immediately approached by a 17-year-old pro and his dad, that gave me a couple pointers right off the get go. The event itself and staff were amazing! There were countless industry companies representing their products from fully automatic weapons, sniper rifles, (shot 700 yards for the first time and actually hit my target 3 shots in a row!) to suppressed weapons. It was a pleasure to represent Unique-ARs for the 4th year in a row with Amity and Mike, and to see our product floating around being used on guns in the competition. When we were shooting or manning the booth we were consistently approached by spectators and participants that loved our handguard. Many conversations were had. Can’t wait for next year!