Unique-ARs at the 2017 NSSF Rimfire Challenge Northwest Championship Match

We at Unique-ARs are a proud prize sponsor for the 2017 NSSF and we have been involved for a few years now.  Enjoying each year we sponsor the perfect premium prize for the winning contestants with our hand guards. It’s always a blast to participate in the shooting and mingling with the many shooters that attend the Match.  It’s a great place to meet and interact with some of the best shooters and sponsors.  We at Unique-ARs love our designer hand guards and love to share our designs with whom ever is looking.

The Challenge is a full .22 shoot.  The Challenge has 12 fun stages to shoot with rifles and pistols and a round count of around 420 rounds. All skill levels and experience are competing.

We converted our ARs to shoot a .22 bullet. Installing a .22 conversion kit is not that difficult and gives folks the capability to shoot comfortably with their AR and show off their Unique-ARs designer hand guards.

Pictured below is 2 AR rifles a couple of our employees converted for the challenge.