Did you make it to the NRA meeting this last weekend (May 20-22nd)? We did!

Did you get a chance to hear Donald Trump speak? We did!


If you heard Donald Trump speak, did he resonant with you?

He is known to say it like he sees it and does not hold back his words. And that is drawing the attention of millions of Americans who love to show up and give him support. We are happy to have been at the NRA meeting with him. And we were thrilled when Donald Trump Jr. decided to stop by our booth. We had a custom handguard designed just for his father.


Here is Donald Trump Jr. with two of the Unique-AR owners (the third owner is behind the camera) checking out the custom AR handguard design. We know that Donald Trump Jr. is an avid hunter and could appreciate the work we put into this design for his father.


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