The journey to a masterpiece…

The week started like any other. A day or two of planning out the month’s YouTube videos, the logistics, planning, budgeting, etc. To be honest, I had to look twice when I saw an email address from Sharps Rifle Company asking me if I was interested in a collaboration build. Of course, when Sharps Rifle Company offers to send you a 25-45 barrel, their Extreme BCG, and a muzzle device to feature in your videos, you don’t say no. After a quick email exchange, I had the pieces coming my way. I said to myself, “well I guess I’m building another AR-15!”.

It was right about at this time that I knew that I really had to do this the right way and make this the gun of all guns! So, I started to spec out the pieces that I wanted to use. What handguard? What optics? What butt stock?… As all these options were running through my head, I decided to reach out to my sponsor Unique-AR’s to see if they were interested in jumping into the collaboration build. Coincidently, my rep had something new coming out which she thought I would like. It turned out to be the “Swords” handguard. I instantly fell in love with the design. It was epic, it was tough, it was edgy… This was the handguard. Pretty soon this was on its way too! This build was starting to come together already!

Of course, with such an amazing handguard to set the theme of my new build, it really got my head going on what else we could do to take this over the top. The next call that I made was to one of my oldest and best friends, who just happens to have a company that Duracoats firearms and accessories. After about 3 seconds, it was official. GunInk designs were also now involved in the build! After a few planning sessions, we settled on an iron age / Roman theme. This of course begged for a copper body paint with black distressing to give it a battle worn look. With the addition of the blades on the handguard, it made it a natural decision to go with a titanium color for the blades. This made the handguard transition from a copper platform into the points of titanium flowing towards the muzzle device extremely appealing. After a few days at GunInk designs, I had a custom painted, custom handguard, collaboration build ready for assembly!


Now that the build is complete, the rifle is fantastic. The copper and black of the AR-15 look amazing together, especially with the distressed black feel that was applied. It really gives it a worn, battle ready machine look and feel. The build flows from a “Molon Labe” crested buttstock into a copper coated upper and lower, which then flows nicely into the “swords” handguard which is both comfortable, as well as looks amazing. It almost seems to drive your eyes towards the business end of the AR. Ending in the muzzle device provided by Sharps Rifle Company, it really ads an element of motion to the barrel and closes off the gun nicely.

Building this collaboration AR-15 was great and shooting this gun is a truly unique experience. I would like to thank Sharps Rifle Company for providing the 25-45 barrel, muzzle device and extreme BCG. Unique-ARs for providing the amazing “Swords” handguard that truly is the focal point of this rifle. Finally, I would like to thank GunInk designs for the amazing design and hand painted rifle that I doubt could be recreated. This was an amazing experience.