My wife Danielle and her dog Dexter are inseparable. Basically, they eat drink and sleep together and he goes to work with her every day. Dexter is a full-size dachshund and I believe they call his breed a double dapple. His coat is camo in look with one brown eye and one blue eye.
He’s almost 13 years old and has numerous health issues (cancer, tumors, heart murmur) but is like the energizer bunny and just keeps on ticking.
Danielle is an avid shooter and we both love to shoot and hunt. Dexter goes with us to the deer stand and rides with us all over our property. I wanted to do something different for Danielle for Valentine’s Day and had the idea of honoring Dexter in some way. After some thought, I came up with the idea of a theme build for an AR-15 and with the help of my son we had lots of ideas rolling around our heads.
We came across Unique-ARs website and with some discussion with the staff we received a drawing of the weenie dogs on the custom handguard and it was very cool.
After working with others for the custom lower and getting all the right parts for the build then it came down to what pattern to coat the gun in. We looked at so many different camo patterns to try to get close to Dexter’s coat as possible. Then I met with a guy at a local gun builder, Fortress Arms. He asked to see a picture of Dexter. He looked at me and said, “let ‘s coat the gun in Dexter’s colors and work from his nose at the front of the handguard and try to match his coat to the rear of the gun.”
So many thanks to Unique-ARs and all the others that helped pull this together in time for Valentine’s Day. The gun turned out so much better than I expected and of course, Danielle cried like crazy when she saw it.
Thanks again!