One of our customers, James, recently built a stunning AR15 (in .300 blackout, no less) and walnut case to match for a very dear friend of his. “This project started [when it] flashed into my head one day and I knew I had to do it. I wanted to celebrate my friend in a very special way, a once in a lifetime kind of way.”

Dominoes were a general theme through the process of the build. There are dominoes on the bottom of the handguard, on top of the walnut case, as well as engraved onto the lower, and also on the charging handle. James doesn’t explicitly describe why dominoes are a part of the project, but he does say that he used them to created a monogram that relates to the recipient. Another, more subtle, theme of this build was Audre Lorde’s poem “New Years Day.” The last lines of the poem are “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing”, and they appear on the top of the handguard and on the charging handle.

The walnut case and stand were built with the assistance and resources of some cabinet makers, friends of James. The walnut was harvested from a local tree that had fallen in a storm, and the entire case was constructed in the workshop of James’ friends.

The build included one of our custom handguards, a Bear Creak Arsenal .300 Blackout Stainless Steel Barrel with a 1:8. SS fatty muzzle break, Osprey 6X rifle-scope and riser rings, Palmetto State Armory Blem Lower, BCM Upper, and a FAB Defense Rubberized Polymer Pistol Grip AR-15. You can read the rest of the specs from Jame’s blog.

James and all of us here at Unique-ARs are very pleased with his craftsmanship of both the walnut case and the rifle itself. Through the entire build James describes why and how he chose the components of the build. Read the entire process here.