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California Dreamin’: Questions Answered for AR-15s in California

    If you’re a resident of the Golden State and you want to own [...]

Simple Guide to Buying a Suppressor

Have you ever considered buying a suppressor, and decided against it because you were unsure [...]

The Attack on Stabilizing Braces… Again

6/11/21 // As of Monday, the ATF has released another letter that proposes to “update” [...]

“Made in the USA”?

This article was originally going to be written about American-made scopes. However, after some searching [...]

Ghost of Christmas Past – Rich Robinson – Head Designer

As the end of my 3rd year at Unique-ARs is coming to a close I’m [...]

The Gift Rifle

One of our customers, James, recently built a stunning AR15 (in .300 blackout, no less) [...]

Making pumpkin carving fun again

It’s that time of year when the pumpkins are in need of carving. Since this [...]

Fill up the kiddie pool, it’s Labor Day!

Use Coupon code freelabor17 for your purchases at Unique-ARs now through Tuesday Sept 5th. On September 5th, [...]

Bet you can’t just build one…

Bet you can’t just build one… We at Unique-ARs are proud of our products. We [...]

NRA Meeting, May 20-22. Louisville, KY

  We will be at the NRA Annual Meeting, May 20-22 in Louisville, Kentucky. We [...]