There are many, many rifles on the market that serve a variety of purposes: hunting rifles built for their accuracy, competition rifles that are precise and adaptable in seconds, and rifles bought for the sole reason that they look badass and are fun on the range, just to name some of the top reasons.

However, these rifles can often weigh too much or be too big for people with a smaller body, like women. According to the CDC, the average man stands at 69.2” (5’ 8”) tall and weighs 195.7lbs, while his average female counterpart is 63.7” (5’ 3”) and weighs 168.5lbs. It’s no secret that the gun industry is mostly directed by its male customer base, even though the last decade or so has seen a dramatic rise in gun ownership by women.

Style is also somewhat of an issue when it comes to ladies’ choice. Women have a great eye for detail, so having options is everything. The ability to customize with color, style, and function can be difficult to find with many rifles on the market, causing these guns to miss the mark.

This is where the AR platform comes in. Not only is the AR one of America’s favorite rifles, it lends itself to become the favorite rifle for women. ARs are so damn popular because they are so customizable.

For women that want a lighter rifle, there are a variety of options to cut weight. Practically any part on the AR platform is available in a “light” option, such as ultra-light handguards, stocks, receivers, barrels, etc. Bryce M. Towsley wrote a very interesting article about how he built a sturdy AR under five pounds, “My goal was a reliable, rugged gun that I could depend on for self-defense and hunting. I wanted metal receivers and an operating system that was safe and trustworthy.”

Another reoccurring issue with rifles is their size. As mentioned before, men are typically bigger than women, and they’re the main clientele of the gundustry. The AR has so many options to mend this issue. Adjustable stocks are a great start, shorter barrels, and differently angled (or smaller) grips are a few fixes that come to mind instantly. Stocks are emphasized because they seem to make the biggest difference, especially for me. Rifles can be extremely uncomfortable because of a large stock, and they can make it difficult to use the sights properly.

Unique-ARs 15" Crossed AR-15 handguard

The AR also has great adaptability. Unique-ARs recently started selling the Pantheon Dolos Take-Down System, which allows the user to switch their AR15 front end out in seconds. For the woman with different functions in mind, no need for multiple rifles for the range, home defense, and hunting, because the AR can be suited for any needs without spending thousands.

Take from this article what you will, but if you’re a woman looking for the perfect rifle (or you know someone that is) consider an AR. Not only are they utilitarian, ARs can be modified to look and feel however desired, and they don’t have to break the bank. ARs are literally the most versatile rifles on the market.