Jim Boardman is the owner/operator of FLB Studios LLC and has been working with Chad Waldow of Killer Coating on a joint venture. Jim has been building AR’s for photo shoots and Chad and Jenny have been painting them for him for 3 years. The three have been brainstorming on new designs and themes to customize and build, expanding the collection of available props available through FLB Studios for photo shoots.


Last September, Jim began displaying a portion of his collection to attract attention and showcase Chad’s work. He started with one table to display a few ARs from his collection and some of the extra parts for his next builds to sell. Over the past year, Jim’s display has grown from ½ a table to greater than 3 tables and is continually expanding his collection. A large number of FLB Studios’ customers return every show to see the new items.


Each month, this team of Builder and Painter continually brainstorm new themes for builds and what to offer as both FLB Studios and Killer Coating expand. They keep a standing list of priority projects in order to continually bring new products to their customers such as controls, unique and custom Hand Guards or custom painted controls or hand guards. Jim supplies Chad and Jenny with his builds and a brief description of the end goal and lets them loose with their artistic Cerakote painting.


Due to a lack of UAR handguards at the shows, Jim was inspired to contact the helpful staff at Unique-ARs over the summer to prepare for this falls shows. As he introduces Unique-ARs and his Private Label Hand Guards to the shows he is keeping two goals at the forefront. First, getting Unique-ARs handguards into his customers’ hands and making them available to them, and second to display samples from both UAR and KC labels showing the quality of Killer Coating. So far the reception has far exceeded expectations.


Over the next couple years, Jim would like to continually expand his inventory and carry a full line of UAR handguards while continually expanding FLB Studios’ private label handguards. Carrying a line of Tactical Advantage Armory muzzle devices is also in the works. Jim plans to offer parts kits with custom painted controls so all of your components will match. For Jim, the challenge is to maintain the title of the ones with the coolest tables at the show while offering quality parts, a challenge we know he is up for.


The teaming up of Killer Coating and FLB Studios is definitely a developing story to keep your eye on. We’ll keep you posted as their UARs projects come to fruition.


Killer Coating, the Cornelius, Oregon based company offers Cerakote firearm refinishing, Gunsmithing and Repair, Custom AR 15 builds and Firearm Sales. They refinish guns in all colors using Cerakote and can add the camo or stencils of your choice. For more information on their services, you can shoot them an email or call (503) 522-2674.  Don’t forget to check out the eye-candy in their Gallery and on Facebook.


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