Here at Unique-ARs, we love any opportunity to get out and hit some targets! The AR is [obviously] a popular selection, but handguns and shotguns are also beloved for a fun day out at the range. Some of us are bird & big game hunters perfecting our shot, while others like to keep fresh for home defense or competition. Either way, there are a lot of opinions about what the “perfect” range bag has in it. Here are some UAR Picks for your next trip out.

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Range Bag

This is the most important piece of the list – so we chose the Vertx A-Range Bag. This bag features a portable six pistol mag pouch, pull-out drawers for ammo or brass, lock down cable system, and a lay-flat front panel that can be used as a cleaning rug. The dimensions of the A-Range Bag are 12″ (H)  x 19″ (W)  x 10″ (D), so there’s plenty of room for all the items you’ll need. Here’s testimony from one of our team members: “It’s big enough that my Fiance and I don’t have to carry separate range bags.” This bag is available on Vertx’s website for $219.95.


EPIK (Emergency Personal Injury Kit)

In this section we have a few different recommended products that cover a variety of potential injuries. First off is the QuikClot Trauma Pak, available at Walgreen’s for $24.99. It contains a 25g QuikClot sponge, duct tape, a trauma pad, gloves, a bandage, varying sizes of gauze, antiseptic wipes, and a resealable bag for bio-waste. Other items that we recommend for traumatic injuries include these Curaplex HALO Seals ($14.95), and this Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) ($29.99). For just a few dollars here and there you can be prepared to deal with anything that might happen at the range.

Ear & Eye Pro

The Smith Optics Aegis Arc was our top pick for affordable eye-wear protection because it is the most well-rounded product as shown below in the results from LuckyGunner.com. These glasses will set you back $80.00 for a single-lense option, or $95.00 for one of the kits (gray lens + tinted lens). For the ears, we recommend the Peltor™ Sport RangeGuard(TM) Electronic Hearing Protector, made by 3M. It’s available on Amazon here for $44.73. It has a slimmer design as compared to other electronic muffs, which is convenient for conserving space. The Peltor™ Sport Rangeguard (TM) has a 21 NRR, runs on 2 AAA batteries, and automatically turns off after 4 hours. It is very comfortable, as well!


There are so many kinds of targets available, but we’re biased. Our pick for paper targets are our own Unique-ARs printable targets that are FREE here. Our targets are a great value and they come in all kinds of unique designs that will stand out from all others.

Cleaning Kit

Erring on the side of compact & useful, we chose the Real Avid Gun Boss – Universal Cable cleaning kit. This particular kit “…easily supports weapons in the 0.17- to 0.45-caliber range. It comes with an array of short-action accessories for accommodating smaller ejection ports, and the entire set is packed into a case that fits into your palm for easy transport and storage.” (wiki.ezvid.com) The Gun Boss is available on Real Avid’s website for $29.99.

Firearm Lubricant

Our choice for firearm lubricant is Pig Lube. To quote a colleague, “…the lube smells like, well, bacon!!! It’s awesome!”, and who doesn’t love bacon?! But for those that would rather not smell savory goodness while enjoying the some range time, this lube is also available unscented. Pig Lube takes a lot of pride in their Nano Particle Technology and the fact that they use an extremely high grade synthetic oil to carry their “bacon grease”. A half-ounce tube of Pig Lube is available for $12.99 (+ free shipping!) on their website.


Although gloves can be an unpopular piece of equipment at the range, they’re great for cold weather or wet conditions. Here’s an article by Kyle Lamb from Guns & Ammo that outlines some other great reasons to use gloves at the range. Our pick for gloves is the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha, from SKD Tactical. They’re $42.95, and feature touch-screen capable fingertips, a thin Clarino™ trigger finger, flex joints, and a short cuff, among other things.


We love our local businesses here in McCall and the surrounding areas, and there is nothing like jerky from Mountain View Specialty Meats (located in Riggins, Idaho). They’re able to process just about anything you can hunt in the mountains. Jerky happens to be the perfect range snack because it’s not messy, loud, or odorous – snack of champions!


However, a range bag wouldn’t be complete without a few other small items! A notebook & pen are great for the marksman that wants to keep technical notes to improve their shots. Fluorescent spray paint helps make steel targets more visible at longer distances, and for paper targets make sure to include a staple gun and/or masking tape to pin them up. For anyone looking to improve their draw time with a handgun, bringing the holster that they’ll use day-to-day is essential. Always bring extra magazines for the gun(s) being shot, so that you’ve got backups if a mag isn’t cooperating. A few last considerations are chairs, sunscreen, and bug spray.