Unique-ARs is starting a new program and inviting guest applicators to get wild and creative to show their talent on our Stock Handguards. To start it off we are happy to show off Richard Elerick’s talent, from Electrik Kotes.  He chose our Zombie Hunter Forend and boy is it wild!

This forend can be yours!  Find it on our Auction page and place your bid.
This quad rail was done using Cerakote. Crushed silver was the foundation. The barbed wire effect was done by using vinyl. Afterwards, we put a layer of vinyl down resembling a wood grain of a baseball bat which was two-toned with coyote tan/ mixed darker with patriot brown Cerakote. To give it that baseball bat effect. To give it a more grungy look we went overlaying armor black Cerakote throughout the rail blending certain areas and giving the words “ZOMBIE HUNTER” more of a highlighted effect with the black. After curing we then added red which resembles blood throughout the rail using a gory smudge visual and adding drips from the lettering. That was done using Cerakote clear with an additive called gun candy Vulcan. We then went back with a Dremel to polish out areas of the barbed wire giving it a more shined effect of metal. We then topped it off with Cerakote clear to give the polished areas protection.
Electrik Kotes was founded by Richard Elerick, an active duty Warrant Officer serving in the United States Army stationed at Fort Campbell KY. The company is based out of Clarksville TN. We are a Cerakote certified, factory trained Company and have been Cerakoting for the last 2 years. We offer anything from small to big jobs and are a class 07 FFL holder.
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Phone number 808 554 1636
If you are interested in being a guest applicator for Unique-ARs shoot us an email with your information at media@unique-ars.com