Black Barts LLC is Unique-ARs March 29, 2017, Dealer of the Week

Storefront 4135 N 450 W Columbia City, IN. Stop in for coffee or afternoon for whatever is written on the board…

Owned and operated by Brad Dunlap, this is his story.

This whole thing started when a friend of mine said “We ought to build a couple Black rifles ” Not knowing exactly what that was but having an idea I went to google and said, “sure, why not, looks like fun!”  Then I thought, hey I’ll bet I could make a business out of this and started the process of getting my FFL and all the other necessary licenses, zoning variances, insurance and setting up the shop.

I have a 32′ X 48′ ft building next to the house that is now BLACK BART’S, LLC. BTW, all of this was a surprise to this friend at this point. The other purpose of the business is to have something to do when I retire this year.
Our first sale was June of 2016 and our focus is custom AR style rifles. I received an Advanced AR-15 Armourer Certificate from Sonoran Desert Institute in June ’16 and started building boom sticks. I also will do assembly, cleaning and light gunsmithing if I’m confident I can do a good job. I’m not going to pass myself off as an expert but I’ll work my butt off to find answers if I don’t have them.
I am still in the red so I am my own charity except for the NRA. LUKE 22:36

Brad sells Unique-ARs free float handguards and will build you a custom AR rifle with one of our designer handguards. If you or know of anybody in the Columbia City area and want to build a rifle or talk shop give brad a ring  Phone: 260-503-3028  and go visit Black Barts LLC.

4135 N 450 W
Columbia City, IN. 46725
Store Hours:  As much as I can
Website is:

Email: blackbartsllc@gmail.com

Facebook – Brad Dunlap/