TopShot Dustin Giveaway Rifle : Behind the Scenes

Dustin Ellerman has become a very well-known individual in the firearms industry.  He Won competitions on national TV (Top Shot on the History Channel), hosts outdoors camps, writes articles, reviews products and probably the most popular thing is that he has a successful YouTube channel.
And that is honestly just the tip of the iceberg. I found a lot more info about him through the various companies he is an ambassador for or he is partnered with:

 Shot Dustin on YouTube surpassed 1 million subscribers (1.22 million as of this article release) and we are going to help him Celebrate with a custom rifle to give away and 1 extra, interchangeable handguard)

The theme for this rifle is a nod to his running theme that he offers his “professional tree removal services”.  I put quotation marks there because he isn’t actually using saws to cut down trees, as an average tree removal service would.  He removed trees by shooting them down with belt-fed machine guns and more cool guns!   


Style & Design
We used his Videos on YouTube (like the one above)  to make a theme and got some inspiration for what we should make his rifle into! It is an ode to his accomplishments, his humor and his Youtube Channel’s success.

– Part 1 holes “to match the ma deuce style and belt fed 22 rifle!”
– Part 2 Tree Stumps
– Part 3 “Top Shot Tree Service” image
– Part 4 “1 million subscriber” around the barrel nut


The first design feature we chose was a hole pattern that would match the belt fed guns he used on his channel.  Specifically the Ma Deuce and the belt fed 22LR

The second design feature Is a fun nod to the fact that Dustin has cut down trees, using only firearms, and left stumps behind as a Trophy-like memoir.  We loved both the Holes option and the felled Trees designs and decided to actually make BOTH!

The Third Part is the nice touch of the Top Shot Tree Service logo from their merch store.  This touch is pretty simple yet it fits perfectly on the magwell of the lower.

The last main Touch we added was engraved near the Barrel nut area of the handguard.   Machined into it shows “1,000,000 Subscribers” in honor of Dustin passing that landmark!

Ultimately, it has been our pleasure to be able to join in and support Dustin Ellerman in Surpassing 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube!
Thank you for letting us share this experience with you!

Here’s to 2 million next!

Dec 5th the giveaway entry period will close! Earn your entries now: https://tribelink.co/1MillionTopShots

There are tons of cool products in the giveaway and we are happy to be be joined by over 20 other brands !