In 2016 we met Tommy Regan, NASCAR driver of The GunTruck. Through our sponsorship of the Gun Truck we were introduced to Project ChildSafe, an organization dedicated to making firearms in the house safe. As a family company we cherish children. As a firearms manufacturer we understand the need for proper education in handling firearms. Our rifles comes with a manual for proper handling, maintenance and shooting. Safety is everyone’s responsibility; at the range, you keep the muzzle pointed down range, before handing a firearm over to someone you check to see if it is loaded. Training a child in proper firearm use is part of that same safety mindset, so is storing your firearm properly when not in use.  Project ChildSafe works to educate families about firearm safety in the home. They believe in safety so much that they even provide free safety kits to help secure the firearm in the home. We can all work together to reduce the misuse and accidental use of firearms in the home. If you need a safety kit please use the Project ChildSafe website to find a kit near you.


Here is a short video from Tommy Regan.