This past weekend, I was able to attend a “meet & shoot” down in Price, Utah at the North Springs Shooting Range & Recreation Area. The event was hosted by Otter Prev, of Blue Collar Shooters, and attendees included shooters from all backgrounds and levels of expertise. The whole event was dedicated for shooters to “push the limit” of themselves and their equipment.

Many of the attendees were ELR shooters, some competitive and others recreational. Precision rifles weren’t the only firearms that made their debut, however. It seemed as though any firearm with at least 200 rounds to spare made it out of the safe.

The range itself was quite the setup – it had everything! Long ranges ranging from 100yrds to 1000yrds, 50 covered benches, various targets and target stands, 10 pistol bays with retrievable target frames, archery, law enforcement facilities, “Cowboy Town” for the quick draw type, trap thrower with 5 stations, etc. Essentially, whatever you like to shoot, this range has it covered.

I had talked to the range officers the first morning, and they told me that the range is also a hot spot for different groups to come in for training, qualifications (NRA, concealed carry), women’s only groups, and many other events trending in the industry, such as the Milk Jug Challenge (fairly self-explanatory, people shooting at 1000+ yrds in attempts to smack a milk jug).

Throughout the event I had the opportunity to shoot a few different rifles chambered in some of the common long-range calibers, such as a 6.5 Creedmore, .308, and even .338 Lapua Magnum.

Prev’s rifle is a completely customized build, with a 700 Remington chassis system from Best Damn Gun, LLC., which allowed him to use a custom buttstock (also made by Best Damn Gun). Heritage Arms supplied the custom barrel and their Victory Turbine Muzzle Brake, as well as their Cold Shot Angle Base (available in both Milliradian and MOA). The cheek riser was provided by Matthew’s Fabrication, and the 2-stage trigger system is from Huber Concepts.

Prev himself has plans to break the world record for the longest shot, at over 5,000 yards with his custom “Freedom” rifle. I believe that his plans are to attempt the shot in Nevada within the next year.

Overall, the event was a wonderful place for shooters to share their experience and challenge themselves. Precision shooting is technical by nature. Reloading, patience, and a good understanding of ballistics and mathematics (turns out your teacher was right about math) are all key factors in being a successful marksman. Long range shooting is an ideal life sport – reduces stress, low physical demand, and it keeps the mind sharp. That being said, if you haven’t tried precision rifle, you’re missing out!