A few months ago, Unique-ARs worked with Cerakote-artists to create ten one-of-a-kind Koi Fish handguards in our first ever Cerakote-Off. The best parts of the competition, however, were the amazing Veteran charities that the artists nominated to receive all proceeds from the handguards. The winning artist was Brandon Haas of Applied Arsenal Finishes, and his charity of choice was Pets for Patriots. They are such a great service to the Veteran community, this guest article (from Pets for Patriots) showcases who they are and why Pets for Patriots is a wonderful cause.

Since 2011, Pets for Patriots has been delivering fidelity, joy and the unique gifts of companion pet companionship to military families in communities across the country.

By partnering with local shelters, rescues, humane societies, and municipal animal controls, we help the most overlooked, undervalued dogs and cats get a second chance at life and give renewed purpose to the military veterans who adopt them.

We are proud to serve veterans from WWII to those currently in service, from all armed forces and at any stage of their careers – active, reserve or separated.

The animals adopted through Pets for Patriots are for companionship and emotional support, not service. But that doesn’t make their “work” any less important or life-saving. Quite the contrary.

The “ordinary” dogs and cats saved through our work by the veterans who adopt them are, in turn, lifesavers as well. They help lift the darkness from those suffering depression. They ease the anxieties and unrest of invisible wounds, like Post Traumatic Stress. They fill the void of loved ones who must leave young families behind during deployment. And they remind those coping with loneliness that they are not alone.

Quite simply, these animals – discarded through surrender, abuse, neglect, and other indignities of life – offer love without boundary.  We focus exclusively on those animals who face the greatest risk of death or prolonged homelessness if not adopted: adult, special needs, and long-term homeless dogs and cats, and larger breed dogs.

We are proud to partner with outstanding animal welfare organizations – large and small – that make our mission possible. In addition we partner with veterinarians in the communities we serve, each of which offer reduced cost care to pets adopted through our program.

Visit us at petsforpatriots.org to learn more, donate, and get involved.

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