Welcome to 2017!

With a new year starting that often means new laws take effect. We are a nation built upon laws. And even if the law is crazy we have to obey it or suffer the consequences. As a gun owner, it is important to keep up on changes to your city, state and federal laws. Even laws which you think may not effect you directly may have an indirect effect, such as conceal carry reciprocity between states. Last year I read an article about a lineman who went to a neighboring state to help restore power after a storm and was arrested for having his firearm with him. Or the story of the woman driving through New Jersey who was arrested for transporting a firearm through the state, even though she had a conceal carry permit from another state. These changes also effect businesses. We can no longer sell our rifles in California, but we can sell our complete uppers and handguards there!


The NRA in conjunction with the Institute for Legislative Action has put together this interactive map to follow gun laws: Map. Of course, this is only a brief overview of laws which may effect you. If you want specifics then you will need to search out your city and state codes. The ATF is supposed to stay on top of the Federal Laws and how they are applied, although there are reported discrepancies between individual ATF agents if you read and follow the guidelines established through the ATF website you should be well protected.


Know your rights, know the law. But as G.I Joe says “knowing is half the battle.” Be ready to fight the other half.