Here at Unique-ARs we continue to grow! Last month, Bryce Wolfe was added to the shop as a full-time employee to help out with all the various tasks included in constructing Unique-ARs one-of-a-kind handguards. He’s been learning the in’s and out’s of cutting, cleaning, and sandblasting.

Like most of the UAR employees, Bryce is a McCall native, born & raised. Hiring locals is one of the ways Unique-ARs is able to support the McCall community. It gives people like Bryce the opportunity to experience and learn something new.“I’m more of a hands-on worker, and [here] I feel that I’m working on a project rather than a chore. The nature of what you build here is unique and it’s not often that you can find a job that is this interesting. It’s not a conglomerate, it’s a small local business, which I’m a big supporter of.”

Bryce was first introduced to Unique-ARs when he came into work on his senior project, which was to build his own rifle while compromising on the best parts for the best price. Unique-ARs armorer, John, aided Bryce in understanding ballistics and guided him with parts of the project, though Bryce did much of it on his own. “John is a really personable guy, very easy to communicate with, and I really enjoy the gun I built with him. It’s a 7mm 08. I really enjoyed working on my own gun, the entire gun. From the action of the rifle to the end of the barrel, the whole process was enjoyable.”

Like many other locals, he takes interest in hunting and firearms: “I go to the range a lot more than I hunt, but I enjoy both. If I had a choice between the two I’d say I prefer hunting for the exploration and the thrill of hunting game – I primarily hunt elk.”

Bryce looks forward to many aspects of working at Unique-ARs, from SHOT Show to moving up in the company. He hopes to see some of the upcoming innovations in the industry, as well as meeting other professionals.

Overall, Unique-ARs is very happy with the work that Bryce has been doing! He’s become a very important part of the team, considering his enthusiasm and positive outlook, “[I’m] very excited. Hands down the best job I’ve ever worked.”