As gun owners, we have a huge responsibility in every aspect of how we handle our firearms. The main focus here is gun storage and how it helps to deter accidents and damage. No one wants to be on the news as someone that could have prevented something if they’d just stored their guns safely & securely. And, as firearms are great investments, no one wants their guns damaged in a flood or fire. Even if you only own one gun, keeping it locked up in a safe can give you invaluable security.


Children are a big part of this discussion. “More than 75 percent of first and second graders know where their parents keep their firearms and 36 percent admitted handling the weapons, contradicting their parents’ reports.” Common sense should minimize the chance of any accidents: keep firearms unloaded, away from ammunition, and locked up out of reach. If you have a gun safe, children should not know how to access it. Keep keys in a very secret location, or if your safe has a pin/combination keep it to yourself. Also, the more educated a child is about firearms, the less likely they are to fidget with one they find. Here is a great article from Field & Stream illustrating how to teach children about firearms.

Legally, states differ on whether or not a person is liable if someone steals their gun and uses it to damage/harm. Lots of variables can change the legal outcome as well, like if the thief is a minor, if proper care was taken to secure the weapon, and if the weapon is reported immediately or not at all. Here is a piece about what to do if a gun is stolen. To avoid possible charges and court fees, keep your guns locked away in a secure safe. Not all safes are created equal, however. Read your heart out about it here, from Gun Safe Reviews Guy. He also has some good information about determining risks like wildfires and flooding.

Ultimately, when you invest in a good safe you invest in peace of mind.