Being a firearms manufacturer there are many legal hoops we have to jump through to be compliant with the laws of the land. Knowing what those laws are and how they apply to us as a business is part of our responsibility. It is part of doing business in America. There are many laws which apply to running a business, any business. There are other laws which apply to running a manufacturing business. And even more laws about firearms and firearm manufacturing. Some of these laws make sense, some are outdated and need revision and some are asinine. Regardless of how we feel about the law or the usefulness of the law, we still have to comply to the law, which means we need to know what all those laws are and how they affect us. No easy task.


Some of these laws also apply to everyone else in the nation. We all have laws to which we have to comply if we like them or not. Introduce a hot topic such as “gun rights” and all kinds of debate is possible about guns and the law. As mentioned before, some gun laws make sense, some are outdated and some are asinine. But we still have to comply with them, until we can elect legislatures who can change them. Do you know the gun laws which may affect you?


Here are some organization which fight on your behalf and on the behalf of the 2nd Amendment. Of course there is no such thing as a perfect organization. They all have their flaws, weakness, but also their strengths and values. Do you belong to any of these organizations? Do you take advantage of the programs they offer? More importantly, do you know your rights as a citizen when it comes to gun ownership, transportation, and use?


American Firearms Institute

Gun Owners of America

National Association for Gun Rights

National Rifle Association



The best way to defend yourself is by knowing your rights and the laws which may effect those rights.

U.S. Gun Laws is a good place to start your education. Know your state laws, and the laws of any state you may be traveling in or through. Keep up to date with what is happening with your state legislation and what your state and federal representatives stances are on gun laws.