Recently, this little replica came into Unique-ARs and we’ve had an absolute blast assembling it and using it as a model. This is a non-firing replica of an M4A1 from GOAT Guns, the M4R1CA – USA M4 model, complete with an American flag finish.



When it arrived, the replica was boxed and unassembled. Parts like the buttstock, handguard, and rear sight were left off of the rifle for the user to assemble (that was definitely half of the fun). The set included everything needed to build the rifle, and even offered the user’s choice of mods like a muzzle brake or suppressor for the barrel.


The instructions were clear, although they weren’t joking when they said that it was a replica – building it was pretty standard to a full-size rifle.


The stock is adjustable, the muzzle brake actually threads onto the barrel, and when you pull the charging handle the ejection port opens. And just to recap: this model is only about 10-11in long.


GOAT Guns has different models ranging from $30 to $50, or even whole bundles from $90 to $220, so there are options for everyone.

Ours has been a hit around the shop – the best part about this mini rifle is that “it works!”, or at least that’s what everyone has said when they hold it. This replica is amazing at drawing people in to get a better look. So, if you’re looking for that one thing to help your desk stand out, look no further. These little guns are amazing. 10/10 would recommend.