Well, as of recent we have two very different pushes for concealed carry laws.  In Colorado, there is a proposed bill (Senate Bill 116) which will allow gun owners to conceal their firearms without having a permit, just like here in Idaho.  Tim Neville (R) Littleton is the bill’s sponsor and he says “If you’re legally eligible to possess a firearm, you should be able to carry that weapon concealed for self-defense without begging for government’s permission” (Colorado Politics) He called it “common-sense legislation.”

Also, in Florida State Sen. Daphne Campbell, (D) Miami Shores a new measure has been filed  (SB 956).  This measure if passed would require anyone that would like to conceal carry to pass a mental health evaluation before the permit is issued.  This proposed change will not affect anyone that owns or purchases guns.  This is where there are some problems.  The change comes shortly after the shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. If the idea is to keep crazy people from committing these mass shootings, then what is this going to do?  If you are a lunatic, this does nothing to stop you from doing the same thing.  You would just be breaking the law if you didn’t have a permit or were denied because you were crazy before you started murdering people.  It just seems like all the change is going to do is make Floridians frustrated.  If there was a solution that made sense that would reduce or eliminate mass shootings Unique-ARs would stand behind it.  These atrocities need to stop, but a silly change to a bill like this does nothing.