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New Hexagon design

556 Tactical’s new hand guard

556 Tactical just built this great looking AR.  With a Unique-ARs custom hand guard.


Molon Labe is offered as a stock product!

AR-15 Custom Handguard

Here is new design for your AR-15 fore end. Barbwire! See the new, new version: [...]


Shipping charges for Items at Unique-ARs.com are a flat fee of $15.00 per item. Whenever [...]

What are the dimensions of the Handguard?

Exterior diameter is 2 inches.  The interior diameter is 1.75 inches.  Length depends on what [...]

Do your handguards include a barrel nut?

Yes,  all our handguards include a proprietary barrel nut mounting system.  It is a two [...]

What color’s are available?

Cerakote Armor black or black anodized are our standard colors.  We also offer all colors [...]

What are the handguards made of?

Our handguards are constructed using 6061 t6 aluminum.

Do your handguards work on AirSoft guns?

YES, if your AirSoft gun has a standard mill spec threaded upper, Which lots do. [...]