For today’s version of FAN FRIDAY, we are giving you a sneak peek to the handguards that we have received so far.  They are starting to come back one by one and the excitement is increasing with each package.  As you can see with a number of boxes piling up on Katie Lynn’s desk, we are getting closer and closer to the time where you’ll be casting your votes for your favorite paint job by these skilled and creative artists.

We will be unveiling all of the handguards on next week’s FAN FRIDAY.  That will also be your opportunity to cast your votes on your favorite via Facebook, as well as place your bids on these very limited edition handguards (there was only 10 made, and we don’t plan on making any more). Have your friends “like” Unique-ARs Facebook page.  All of the proceeds from the 10 Auctions will be going to a Veteran Charity of the Artist with the most votes on Unique-ARs Facebook page.

So to recap:

-On 8/18/17 go to Unique-ARs Facebook page and cast your vote before 8/28/17

-The Auction will open for all of the handguards on the 18th.  The Auction will run until 8/28/17

-Winner and charity chosen will be announced on August 30th, 2017


Unique-ARs handguards, custom paint