10-Year Olds First Unique-AR

Nikki is 10 years old and owns her first AR. Nikki assisted her father in the build and is very familiar with the components used, especially the Fem Fatale hand guard she chose for her build. Her father and she found the idea for the hand guard on Instagram and it was a match made in heaven for this precious little lady to have such a Unique hand guard. Pictured below is a close-up of our Fem Fatale along with the stiletto muzzle brake  Like all of us at Unique-ARs shooting is a family event the majority of the time. Nikki shoots with her brother and father as a family.
She is a born and raised shooter and can consistently hit a shot 100 yards out. Nikki field strips and cleans her rifle herself.

 Nikki used Unique-ARs Fem Fatale hand guard along with these components. Rainer Arms receiver set. Rise Armament trigger and bolt carrier. Spinta barrel, Magpul stock, and grip. Black rain spring/pin kit, Strike Industries fire select. Rainer gas block and tube, and KNS trigger pins.