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Tactical Black

Although we love the creativity and colors from custom work, you can never go wrong [...]

Matching the Warthog

Here are two custom hand guards we made for a customer specifically looking to match [...]

Ammo Mafia loves Unique-ARs Handguards!

You don’t want to mess around with the Mafia, especially when they are all about [...]

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming. Dreaded words, especially now that Spring has just sprung. Now is the [...]

Customize Your AR-15 and 308

Personalize Your AR Today! We offer custom one-off hand guards of your design. Yep, design [...]

Ovals Stock Hand Guard

Not all AR-15s are created equal. You can always make your AR better through customization [...]

Filigree, a classic look on a modern musket

Stock Filigree Hand Guard Adds that classic look to a modern rifle. This new design [...]

What do you reflect?

Wings & Skull Stock Hand Guard What do you reflect? When you look in the [...]

Ovals Stock Hand Guard, looking good!

Ovals The Ovals Hand Guard sets off the fluted barrel nicely. Did you know that [...]

Hurricane in Action, Stock Hand Guard

    The Hurricane! Stock Hand Guard   The Hurricane hand guard comes in standard [...]