Sand Striker AR-15

The Sand Striker AR-15 Rifle comes packed with the following features:

1. 16″ 223 Wylde Wilson Combat Fluted Barrel: This rifle’s heart is a 16″ fluted black Cerakote stainless steel barrel chambered in 223 Wylde, ensuring exceptional accuracy and versatility for various shooting situations.

2. Unique-ARs Custom Handguard with Custom Cerakote: Stand out from the crowd with our exclusive handguard, meticulously adorned with custom FDE Cerakote finishing.

3. Unique-ARs Billet Receiver Set: Crafted with precision from high-quality billet aluminum, our receiver set guarantees a perfect fit, strength, and exceptional performance, making it the rock-solid foundation with FDE custom Cerakote.

4. Elftmann Trigger: The ELF Drop-In Match Trigger has been built for law enforcement and military duty. The only AR-15 trigger using aerospace grade sealed bearings, making for an incredibly smooth and fast trigger pull. .

5. MagPul Grip and Buttstock: Magpul MOE set with custom FDE Cerakote.

6. Lightweight Bolt Carrier Group: Reliability and smooth operation are non-negotiable with our Odin Works nitride-coated lightweight bolt carrier group. It’s built to withstand the toughest conditions while providing hassle-free maintenance.

7. Mid-Length Gas System with Low Profile Gas Block: The mid-length gas system, coupled with a low-profile gas block, optimizes the rifle’s performance, reducing recoil and enhancing overall control.

8. Unique-ARs Rook Muzzle Brake: Designed for maximum muzzle control, the Rook Muzzle Brake minimizes recoil and keeps your shots on target, even during rapid fire.

8. Athlon TSP3 Prism Scope: Featuring a selectable red/green illuminated reticle with multiple intensity levels to match your specific conditions.

9. Flashlight and Foregrip: Sure Lite flashlight with pressure pad and Magpul angle foregrip included.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production when backordered.