Black Rambo Gator Getter

Introducing the Gator Getter AR Pistol – Unleash Compact Power and Style!
The Gator Getter AR Pistol is your ticket to a thrilling shooting experience. Engineered for precision and designed for aesthetics, this pistol packs a punch with its outstanding features:
7.5″ 556 NATO Nitride Barrel: This pistol boasts a compact yet potent 7.5″ nitride barrel chambered in 556 NATO, offering supreme accuracy and versatility for your shooting needs.
Unique-ARs Custom Gator Handguard with Custom Cerakote: Stand out in style with our exclusive Gator-themed handguard, beautifully adorned with custom Cerakote finishing. It’s more than just a handguard; it’s a statement.
Unique-ARs Billet Receiver Set: Crafted with precision from high-quality billet aluminum, our receiver set guarantees a perfect fit, durability, and exceptional performance, serving as the foundation of your Gator Getter AR Pistol.
Ergo Grip: Your comfort and control are paramount, and our ergonomically designed grip ensures just that. Whether you’re honing your accuracy or enjoying extended shooting sessions, this grip has you covered.
Nitride Bolt Carrier Group: Expect nothing but smooth operation and hassle-free maintenance thanks to the nitride-coated bolt carrier group. Reliability and longevity are at the forefront of this design.
Unique-ARs Custom Gator Buffer Tube with Custom Cerakote: Even the smallest details matter, and our custom Gator buffer tube with Cerakote finish is the epitome of style and functionality, rounding out the Gator Getter AR Pistol’s unique aesthetic.
Unleash your inner sharpshooter and do it in style with the Gator Getter AR Pistol. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or just stepping into the world of firearms, this pistol offers precision, power, and a distinctive look that sets you apart.
Elevate your shooting game – order your Gator Getter AR Pistol today and experience a new level of shooting satisfaction!


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