Unique-ARs AR-15 Rifle



Barrel Nut * 

Please select if you want the AR15 barrel nut or the DOLOs System for an additional charge.

Grip option * 

Lower option * 

Barrel Options * 

Trigger Option * 

Selector Safety Switch * 

Rifle Color * 

Color will be applied to upper, lower, buttstock, and handguard. Please allow additional time for Cerakote.

List colors for multi-color handguards.

See color tab below for colors available. Describe what color goes where. Example: use H-217 Bright Purple on cut edges, and H-190 Armor Black on rest of handguard. Barrel nut, screws, and furniture will be black unless stated differently in the description. THERE IS A CHARGE FOR ARMOR BLACK WHEN IN CONJUNCTION WITH ONE OR MORE COLORS.

Rifle bag color * 

The purchase comes with a two carry rifle bag. Please select color.

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