Hex Package

Get started with the basics! This kit includes our UltaLight-15.s, TSR2 Red Dot, and a Firearm Enhancement Kit. Save over $300!


  • Billet Flat-Top Upper Receiver with M4 Feed Ramps and Forward Assist
  • Unique-ARs Lower
  • 16” Barrel (Chambered in 5.56 NATO, 1:8 Twist with 1 MOA Precision Guarantee)
  • 4140 AE steel M4 barrel extension 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel
  • Mil-Spec Safety Selector
  • Mid-Length Gas System with Low Profile Gas Block
  • Unique-ARs Rook Muzzle Brake
  • Unique-ARs Adjustable Stock Carbine Length Mil-Spec Polymer
  • Ergo Pistol Grip Included
  • 30rd Magazine (where unrestricted, otherwise 10rd magazine may be provided)


The speed and versatility of a red dot goes unmatched in close range engagements. Whether you are running an AR or PCC in competition, hunting, or running a red dot on an optics ready pistol, the TSR series of red dots has you covered. With 50,000 hours of battery life and motion sensor activation, the TSR series is always ready.  The default high riser amount allows end user to achieve 1/3 co-witness with iron sights on AR rifles. You can use the lower mount by taking off the high riser mount and mount it on some low platforms, such as a shot gun. The TSR2 features a 2MOA red dot, quickly allowing the user to acquire the red dot while focusing on the targets.


  • Accuracy Oil – Our unmatched friction-reduction technology optimizes the performance of firearms
    • Improves firearm accuracy
    • Extreme smooth operation
    • Virtually eliminates friction-related malfunctions
    • Reliable performance in all environments and temperatures
    • Makes future cleaning more efficient
    • Extends barrel life
  • Carbon Destroyer – An aerospace certified, water-based solvent with micro-emulsion Carbon Blast technology
    • Designed to quickly dissolve heavy carbon deposits, oils, and grease
    • Penetrates deep into the substrate to clean out micro-pores and gaps
    • Water-based; safe on all metals
  • Copper/Lead Destroyer – Advanced, environmentally-friendly, rapid cooper and lead dissolution technology
    • Designed to remove copper and lead
    • Dissolves salts and chlorides
    • Safe on all metals – won’t etch or pit barrels
    • Powerful and fast-acting
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Nose-friendly, non-VOC formula
  • Crystal Clear – Micro-thin Nano Polymer Layering lens cleaning and protection technology
    • Gentle on optics, but powerful and effective
    • Will not build up or discolor surfaces
    • HD refractory properties
    • UV sunlight resistant
    • Excellent anti-fogging capabilities
    • Anti-oxidation & anti-static protection
    • No ammonia or petrochemicals


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