Stingerworx Emperor 5.56 Suppressor Kit

This is a controlled item and must be transferred to a SOT Dealer.

Suppressors may not be sold to individuals that live in California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and the Rhode Island.

Your new Emperor series suppressor will perform for lifetimes due to it’s patented modular design, replaceable baffle stack, and unique patented baffle design.

• Modular design – Created without welds

• Internally threaded baffle stack is secured in two separate locations for an extremely robust product

• Service – In the event of a baffle strike, the baffle stack is easily replaceable in the field by the operator…StingerWorx™ stays in the fight

• Modular design – Created without welds, serviceable & upgradeable.


• Configurable – Standard or Over the Barrel Reflex Chamber for greater sound suppression

• Interchangeable end caps and accessories


The Over the Barrel Expansion Chamber (OBX) option provides additional sound reduction to what is already one of the quietest sounding suppressors available, both in decibel reduction and tone.

• Does not increase overall length of weapon system

• Provides additional 1.5-3 dB reduction

Relentless testing has proven exceptional wear resistance without need for heavier materials due to our unique patented blast baffle geometry. Instead of attempting to absorb the entirety of the violently expanding gasses, our blast baffle design redirects and distributes the force to two separate chambers.

Emperor Series Suppressors are a purposefully built suppressor system, designed to grow, adapt, and withstand a changing world both in function, mission, and the ever changing suite of federal laws. Comes in a Berry Compliant waterproof case with a blast chamber clamp, hex wrench, and maintenance spanner wrench.

• Configurable for mission specific applications.
• Titanium baffle design – withstands tremendous abuse
• Threaded and replaceable baffle stack

Full Auto Rated: Yes
Rating: 5.56 x 45/.223 ≥10.5” barrel

Length: 7.5”
Diameter: 1.75”/1.5”
Weight: 12.8 oz.
16.7 oz-w/ OBX


Available on backorder

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