Firearm Enhancement Kit

This kit was designed to clean all aspects of your AR with the best firearm chemistry on the planet!

Kit Includes:

  • Accuracy Oil – Our unmatched friction-reduction technology optimizes the performance of firearms
    • Improves firearm accuracy
    • Extreme smooth operation
    • Virtually eliminates friction-related malfunctions
    • Reliable performance in all environments and temperatures
    • Makes future cleaning more efficient
    • Extends barrel life
  • Carbon Destroyer – An aerospace certified, water-based solvent with micro-emulsion Carbon Blast technology
    • Designed to quickly dissolve heavy carbon deposits, oils, and grease
    • Penetrates deep into the substrate to clean out micro-pores and gaps
    • Water-based; safe on all metals
  • Copper/Lead DestroyerAdvanced, environmentally-friendly, rapid cooper and lead dissolution technology
    • Designed to remove copper and lead
    • Dissolves salts and chlorides
    • Safe on all metals – won’t etch or pit barrels
    • Powerful and fast-acting
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Nose-friendly, non-VOC formula
  • Crystal Clear – Micro-thin Nano Polymer Layering lens cleaning and protection technology
    • Gentle on optics, but powerful and effective
    • Will not build up or discolor surfaces
    • HD refractory properties
    • UV sunlight resistant
    • Excellent anti-fogging capabilities
    • Anti-oxidation & anti-static protection
    • No ammonia or petrochemicals


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