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We have tried to answer most questions below. If after reading this section you still have question’s please shoot us an email.

What are the dimensions of the Handguard?

Exterior diameter is 2 inches.  The interior diameter is 1.75 inches.  Length depends on what [...]

Do your handguards include a barrel nut?

Yes,  all our handguards include a proprietary barrel nut mounting system.  It is a two [...]

What color’s are available?

Cerakote Armor black or black anodized are our standard colors.  We also offer all colors [...]

What are the handguards made of?

Our handguards are constructed using 6061 t6 aluminum.

Do your handguards work on AirSoft guns?

YES, if your AirSoft gun has a standard mill spec threaded upper, Which lots do. [...]